SATUKATA does not impose any value to the communities. We build learning spaces together with the communities that enable them to build, develop and maintain their own values.

SATUKATA is not a single issue NGO. Our works are based on the generative themes. The themes that become the community’s Kerja kami didasarkan pada tema-tema yang meresahkan dan menggerakkan (generative themes) yang menjadi menjadi perekat bersama bagi komunitas untuk memperkuat kolektivitas dan merawat solidaritas.

We are not neutral. Our works are based on strong committment to equality and justice. We promote action reflection processes on individual, family, community and community level.

Our work is guided by three cycles i.e.: remembering, revisioning and reclaiming. We invite the communities to analyze their own history, find and reveal new vision and values, then to act together to determine and reclaim more just, sustainable and equal future.

For us, research is not just a part of empowerment. But research is the empowerment itself. We assist the communities to do their own research and to use the resulf as part of their wider social transformation. We do not create research for communities, but the communities conduct their own research.

We do not provide answers for communities. It is the communities who answer their own problems. We do not speak on their names, it is them who represent themselves. We work with communities, we do not work for them.