Walak people lives on the valley and hinterland of Jayawijaya and Memberamo Tengah, Papua. This tribe has four big sub-tribes: Suku Walak Ilugwa lives in Distrik Ilugwa, Kobakma, Abenago, Teralema and Wakdlanggu; Suku Walak Wodlo lives in Wodlo, Koragi, Bpiri, and Bugi; Suku Walak Badlima lives in Sukarno Doga, Piramid, Kimbim, Yalengga, Bolakme and Tabuni; Suku Walak Eragayam lives in district of Eragayam, Winam, Tagima dan Mbabu.

Together with Walak People, we started with problem mapping together. The mapping resulted in different problems faced by the people as the impacts of decrease in farm produce, coffee, and swive; indigenous knowledge that is beginning to lose and environmental destruction; deteriorating education and health service quallity; and inequal gender relation.

For more than two years, we have been doing co-learning together with them. Using critical education to reveal the roots of the problem, find the solution together, formulate the vision and also collective program and activities.