Numfor people live on the coast of Numfor Island in Biak-Numfor Regency. The island is dominated by migrants from Pulau Biak. There are sub-tribes of  Sopen-Swandiweri, Mandender, Manwor, and Samber. Other than migrants from Biak Island, there is small amount of Numfor inhabitant who have been living on the Island longer. They are called Suku Yamo. They live in old kampungs such as Kansai, Amberimasi, Warido, Rawar, Serbin and Namber.

It was started with emancipatory research. By doing this research, People of Numvfor then found different problems such as decreasing farm productivity, marine produce, and forest produce as a result of excessive and destructive use. Another recurring problem is their high dependency on government’s assistance which finally resulted in productivity decrease.

Through facilliation under critical education, Numfor people then found the roots of the problem, formulate their collective vision, form production group and try to recover the environment.